Pre-Registration now open for the SOS Heritage Online Course

Risk Management for Cultural Property: An Online Course

Equip Yourself with the Skills to Safeguard Our Cultural Treasures

The SOS Heritage Project team is thrilled to announce the pre-registration phase for our free online course on cultural property protection and risk management. Launching on May 31, 2024, this comprehensive English-language course offers valuable training for professionals in cultural heritage institutions and those interested in a career in cultural property risk management.

Our course is designed for maximum accessibility, delivered through the user-friendly iMooX platform, and it’s entirely free and accessible worldwide. The modular structure allows participants to learn at their own pace, fitting the coursework into their busy schedules.

Course focus and target audience

Our course focuses on equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to navigate the challenges posed by climate change and other threats to cultural heritage. Participants will gain expertise in understanding the impact of climate change on cultural property, implementing effective risk management strategies, and utilizing digital tools for risk assessment and mitigation.

Our course is particularly suited for professionals with a foundation in cultural property protection or those seeking to enter the field of cultural property risk management. We encourage all interested individuals to pre-register on the iMooX platform today to secure their spot in the course.

The SOS Heritage Project is committed to empowering cultural heritage professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary to safeguard our shared cultural treasures.


Join us today and gain the skills you need to protect our cultural heritage for future generations.

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